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pr rpm spoilers 14-17 / krdk games / dragon ball evolution dvd / warner & universal tv dvd / today

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And now all of a sudden, spoiler descriptions have again surfaced for Power Rangers. Check out these descriptions, for Power Rangers RPM episodes 1914 to 1917, below...
PRRPM Episode 1914 - "Embodied" - Seeking answers to Dillon’s past, the Rangers go outside Corinth to a place Dillon thinks he remembers. They fall right into a Venjix trap and come face to face with Venjix himself. A mysterious duo come to the rescue and stop Venjix from destroying the Rangers.

PRRPM Episode 1915 - "Ghosts" - Still on the search for answers to Dillon’s past, Dr. K figures out that Venjix has sent them on a wild goose chase. Before she can warn them, they walk right into an ambush. Good thing the mysterious Rangers from before show up in time to give them a helping hand. The Falcon and Tiger Ranger reveal themselves as Gem and Gemma.

PRRPM Episode 1916 - "In Or Out" - Scott decides to join Gem and Gemma in a more offensive approach in the battle against Venjix. Colonel Truman defaults to his usual 'defend the city' tactics and ends up trapping everyone inside while a Venjix bot sucks all the air out of the city. The remaining Rangers make a deadly escape from Corinth and regroup with Scott in order to save the city.

PRRPM Episode 1917 - "Prisoners" - Gem & Gemma plan on destroying a factory they were held at as prisoners to work for Venjix. Their plans change when Dillon finds out that his sister might be a prisoner there. Sneaking into the factory, Dillon downloads information and searches for his sister. His search is cut short when he has to return to help his friends stop the latest Venjix bot designed to destroy Rangers.

Adness Entertainment has now partnered with Namco Bandai Games in order to develop handheld and console video games based on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Cooool. The games could begin appearing in retail stores as soon as November 2009. :)

20th Century Fox has announced Dragon Ball: Evolution... The "Z" Edition... for release on DVD & Blu-ray on July 28th. Special features will include eight deleted scenes, three featurettes, a music video and a gag reel. The Blu-ray will add a digital copy and a game.. No matter how bad the reviews are, I'll probably pick it up anyway. Just hope there's a good first-week price on the Blu-ray. I'm sorta hoping it has batter art than that DVD. Ack @ Goku's face. :/

Warner & Universal have now announced some new TV seasons coming to DVD before their series' next seasons. Warner Bros has set Gossip Girl: The Complete Second Season for an August 18th release, with One Tree Hill: The Complete Sixth Season on August 25th and The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Second Season on September 15th. Universal will release both DVD & Blu-ray versions of Heroes: The Complete Third Season on September 1st and The Office: The Complete Fifth Season on September 8th. Yes, US Office on Blu-ray for the first time ever. :)

I awoke in the morning and finished up the previous entry, then soon watched The Whitest Kids U Know (lol) before getting on PlayStation Home for a bit. My dad eventually returned home from dialysis, a bit later than usual and feeling worse than usual. I let him watch Ellen, even though we eventually found it was a rerun, as well as some news.

When he was done with the TV, I took over and played some more inFamous (really liking this game), then checked out PlayStation Home for a while (fun with avatars, lol.. couldn't believe it when these guys thought my overweight girl avatar was still hot >_>). My dad wasn't feeling good at all, so he slept most of the afternoon.. I shut off the PS3 at about 6PM and got online to news-gather. Then my dad woke up and we had some supper..

In primetime, my dad was sleeping again. So I watched Reaper first (season finale.. and possibly my favorite episode this season, nice :) ..please bring it back). Then my dad woke up and we watched The Goode Family (Mike Judge saw his King of the Hill cashcow finally failing, so he created this carbon copy family comedy? I think I don't like it more than KotH.. I just can't stand the overabundance of "green" crap these days, so this show that's full of it? ugh.. did like the vegan dog's search for any kind of meat he could find though, haha), Surviving Suburbia (haha, pretty good.. hmm) and The Unusuals (very good episode.. damn them for canceling it :( ).

And.. that was about it..? See ya.

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