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lol crazy weird dream [May. 29th, 2015|03:03 pm]
I just had one weird dream. So I had this binder of porn at school or something.. and I accidentally left it behind. Some muppets (yes, muppets) got into it and were all shocked and appalled and shit. lol. I came back for it.. and that's when the madness began. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (yes, Power Rangers) kept coming after me again and again to destroy the binder.

And when unmorphed, I couldn't even have the original actors for Jason, Zack and Trini. They were random standins I didn't recognize. lol. And Tommy, he transformed into Green Ranger at first.. then he lost his powers and transformed into.. the Magna Defender.. and then Masked Rider. lol. So I kept flying (yes, flying) about, running from the Rangers. Beating them off me the best I could. They randomly transformed into sentai heroes as well. So random.

I eventually figured out it was a dream.. but I couldn't end it no matter what I did. Every once in a while, I would drop the binder and would have to retrieve it. Once, it dropped near Principal Kaplan and as I came to get it back, he shouted at me "DEEE-tention, forever!". lol. After much struggling, I finally slowly woke up. Phew. :p

So crazy. Maybe it all has to do with the Power Rangers movie concept art and my recent run-in with a Lionsgate lawyer (details here). An online friend even jokingly said the Power Rangers were going to come after me. lol. Anyway, see ya.. :p