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PSHomeless - RIP PlayStation Home 2008-2015 - Within This Shell [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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PSHomeless - RIP PlayStation Home 2008-2015 [Apr. 1st, 2015|07:52 pm]
Today is my first day without PlayStation Home, the social gaming platform that helped me actually make friends. See, I have a disability that makes me "shy" to others in real life, so I end up talking very little to anyone. Home helped me talk to people a bit more and make friends. I believe I used it for nearly a third of my life actually, from when I first immersed myself in the closed beta on October 14th 2008 to its very last minutes last night (it shut down on the early morning of April 1st at 3AM ET). I was there for it all, from the nDreams' Xi game to Granzella's Kikai Machine Empire game, and many many more. I'll keep its memories close to my heart.. in the form of the over 10,000 pictures that I took from October 2009 onward, as well as the original music heard on Home.. many tracks of which I conveniently uploaded to mediafire for other Homesters to enjoy. :)

I do feel that Sony closed PlayStation Home a bit prematurely. The PS3 still has a year or two left in it, in my opinion. But I guess now, instead of focusing on the past, is the time to move on to bigger and better things on the PS4. I do hope that the upcoming social gaming platforms Atom Universe and/or Project Nebula succeeds on PS4, so that I can actually get to see my friends again. Until then, it'll just be a back-and-forth passage of words in the XMB.. or whatever the PS4 user interface is called.

*sigh* I'm beginning to get a bit emotional now, so I better end this here before it gets any worse. See ya around.. I hope. :)