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incompetent people are incompetent [Feb. 14th, 2015|02:20 pm]
Well, the cable guy came, did very little.. then left. Ugh. He said it only needed an update. From this morning. Right. Within an hour, it was shutting off every thirty minutes again, as expected. They should have replaced the damn modem again. >:( *sends another e-mail to Bright House...* --> " My internet has been disconnecting and reconnecting for many days now. You sent out a person today to fix the issue. He only reset the modem and left. The issue continues. Please don't blame me for sounding somewhat angry at this point. Please send someone who actually knows what they're doing this time. I would recommend replacing the years-old modem, but I guess you guys would know more about the subject than me. Thanks again. :) "

In other news that's pissing me off, Rockstar completely ignored the gamers wanting the Valentine's Day DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online again this year. They stayed completely silent about the subject, only posting stupid community crapola on the Newswire all week. Ugh. I wanted the panties and stockings for my female character sooo bad. I missed out on them last year.. and have been waiting patiently for months to get them. Now Rockstar updated the "tunables" just yesterday so that it would be a lot easier to add the Valentine's event items.. yet today, nothing at all. *sigh*

See ya.. I guess.. *internet disconnects yet again* -_-