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ps4 imminent / pr dino charge theme [Dec. 5th, 2014|01:45 pm]
Very much time to upgrade to the PlayStation 4.. if I can even save up the money to do it. :/ My PS3 has stopped playing DVDs. So I can't rewatch any of my holiday movies this year. Ugh. :( Blu-rays are just fine however.. But due to the PS4 only having HDMI output and my TV only having DVI (HD video), I'll now need an expensive adapter too.. like this one or this one. I think I'll go with the latter to save some money. I already have an adapter that changes HDMI to DVI for the PS3. And I could always test it with the PS3 first, before buying the PS4. :|

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, the Power Rangers Dino Charge theme song has been revealed. Me like. :p

Welp, can't think of anything else. See ya.