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pr encode distribution update [Nov. 7th, 2014|04:21 pm]
[Current Mood |okayokay]

The other day, the Power Rangers Super Megaforce "Vrak Is Back Part 2" WEB-DL MP4 disappeared from Hive and I couldn't reupload. It then became a bigger problem when I couldn't upload anything. But don't worry, Hive went offline for maintenance for a few hours last night and now everything appears to be working again. I was even able to reupload that "Vrak Is Back Part 2" WEB-DL MP4. :D I at first assumed the worst and thought the file disappearing was an infringement takedown. So sorry to "Power Ranger" for removing them from my Hive thinking they were Saban trying to take away my service once again. lol. :p

Speaking of which, my MEGA account has been suspended due to so many infringement takedowns. Ugh. It seems I can't even logout to access my other MEGA accounts either. Grr.. Anyway, the options for this weekend's Power Rangers encodes would be either going Hive exclusive with them.. or maybe uploading them to Hugefiles for however long they last there. I guess I'll go with the former for now, so create those Hive accounts. :p

Not only is the following series complete on my Hive: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (+ video bonus features), Power Rangers RPM (+ video bonus features), Power Rangers Megaforce & Power Rangers Super Megaforce... but I have also uploaded some Power Rangers music (the clean and extended TimeFireX version of Rock Adventure is incomplete though because 3 tracks have errors passing through Hive's processing :/ ..may RAR it up later) and high quality images (both separate for easy viewing and RARed up for easy download). And don't forget the Power Rangers comic book files. I recommend CDisplay EX for viewing over regular CDisplay. So many more features. :p

See yas. :)

[User Picture]From: Digifiend84
2015-01-17 02:04 pm (UTC)


Hey, you say you couldn't log out of MEGA. Just delete your cookies. That should log you out.
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