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life goes on / hive [Oct. 26th, 2014|12:32 pm]
I always seem to write and post a blog just as it gets pretty bad. Then soon after, things get better. For instance, right after the last two entries where I was near foodless my "go to" guy arrived and finally took me to the grocery store. Both times. Phew. And the last time, he gave me two grocery checks (of my money) to deposit in my bank. I took this as a test of my money saving, so I didn't go crazy and spent it. I wanna save up for a PS4 anyway. So here's hoping he doesn't ask me to spend it on food next week and comes with another check instead. Teehee. :p

In other news, my time with MEGA as my Power Rangers file sharing partner may be drawing to a close. :( They sent me thirteen infringement emails in one day, blocking my users direct access to the US-unaired episodes of Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Ugh. But thanks to a friend, I've discovered a new file sharing site called Hive. The file sharing space you get is unlimited. They only limit you to 50GB of uploading a week. Plus the more friends you have on Hive, the cheaper the premium features are. If you get over 100 friends, those premium features are FREE. In under 24 hours, I already have 12 friends. :p ..I already uploaded HARiKEN's US-unaired Super Megaforce encodes as well as yesterday's episode encodes from dekabroken. I'm also currently uploading the rest of Super Megaforce so far in HD MKV from deka. So feel free to join at this link. :)

Welp, see yas. :p

[User Picture]From: lord_cellytron
2014-10-26 09:40 pm (UTC)
beta.hive.im/join/8e09 is mine. :D
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