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Status Update #06142018

Hellooooooo, long time no seeeeee. As you can see, some friends were very curious what was going

on with me, so here I am!

Same ol', same ol'. Though the mental health group in control of my life has now contracted out to two other frickin groups to help (me). I guess I'm just that big of a fuck-up. Because I get barely any exercise, I sometimes get cramps, usually after the weekly outing "into the community". Today's was the worst though: all four appendages. Yes, both my legs and arms. Ugh. But I got through it, like I always do.

My daily life continues to consist of video gaming and watching TV & movies to help forget how very crappy my life is. I'm currently watching Brooklyn Nine Nine (among many other things). I gave up on it during Season 1, but now I've started it all over again. Such a funny show. I also recently finished a rewatch of Power Rangers Jungle Fury on DVD. Man, those Disney seasons are looking so much better now.. that we've seen the Neo Saban seasons. lol.

I also continue to buy Blu-rays, when I can afford them anyway. I try and save money from MY money that the mental health group gives me every week. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I don't. Nebula Realms is just too tempting sometimes, y'know? ..I'm starting to consider importing international copies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Blu-rays now, since I recently discovered that the US doesn't get IMAX 2D versions of the movies with the full pictures. Shifting aspect ratios and all that. Dahmyoo Disney! :( There appears to have been six so far, and I've downloaded them from international torrent sites, but I'd rather have discs to save hard drive space. :p

I.. dunno what else to say. As I said, same ol' same ol' for the most part. Except my landlord continues to try and kick me out of my apartment. And I think the mental health group in control of my life continues to want me in assisted living. But I won't have that shit. The world continues to work against me, but in my way I continue to fight back I guess. SSDD. Same Shit Different Day.

See yas.
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WS-37393-9: damnit soony.

On Thursday, at one of my case workers' insistence, I closed my long-standing bank account and put my money on a prepaid card. I was able to pay for my phone.. and then they blocked me from spending any more of MY money. So when the 24 hour internet fast didn't work with my PSN IP ban problem and I wanted to buy a new router.. I couldn't. And so I reached out to my awesome twitter followers to paypal me so I could get that router. But of course no one helped out. *sigh* I miss my PSN friends so bad. And a router replacement appears to be the only option now. I've googled WS-37393-9. I've youtubed WS-37393-9. All the fixes out there either would not work or it wasn't possible to do them.. I found a page recently where I could buy an Amazon gift card code directly from paypal, so if anyone were to paypal me, I'd put the money to good use and buy that router right away. I need a wired router. And I found a refurbished one for $30 on Amazon. That's with shipping...

But oh well. I'll just sit here doing nothing. Because just about everything I used to do involved PSN. As you may know, I'm really shy in real life and have been diagnosed with Aspergers. I talk to no one. But I was able to get out there a bit thanks to PSN and my friends list of about 300. lol. Among my friends, I coined the catchphrase "damnit soony", making fun of everything they did wrong and everything they claimed was coming "soon". That phrase has now never been truer.

Damnit soony.
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a 24 hour internet fast & a lot of catching up to do...

Hello. Verrrrrrry long time, no see. Sorry for not updating in so long. My life just seems very boring to me. The health group in control of my life tried to put in assisted living.. then the hospital. Ugh. But I managed to stay out of that chit. They wanted to put me in the hospital over these damn sores that have been coming and going on me for years. UGH.. Anyway, I've made some new friends on Nebula Realms. And one of them accidentally DDoSed me off PSN. Then a day later, my IP was banned from PSN. Argh. But so is the life of a paranoid pariah. Just when I think I've won.. something comes along and hits me right back down again.

I'm writing this entry over the course of a day without internet. PlayStation pretty much told me to get a new IP. Then my ISP told me the whole thing was automatic and that I had to turn off my modem for 24 hours in order to get a new IP. Argh again. All my friends are online though.. so I'm pretty lonely right now. I try to keep my mind off it by watching movies and TV. I recently bought Saw: The Complete Movie Collection on Blu-ray for only $8.82 on Amazon. All seven unrated movies on three discs. Wow. So I watched the heck outta those. After them, I plan to watch all the Resident Evil movies again before watching Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. The damn PS4 media player app needs an update though. Bad. Everything I watch with it goes out of sync. That's why I've been sticking to short half-hour shows for right now. *shrug*

So a Power Rangers movie came and gone while I was.. away. I've watched it three times so far, all cam versions. I'll likely watch it again when its released as WEB-DL or Blu-ray rip in a couple weeks.. then again when it is released on Blu-ray at the end of the month. To tell you the truth, the movie could've been a lot better in my opinion. Buuuuut it's Power Rangers, so I must own it no matter what. Target will have steelbook packaging and the Power Rangers: Aftershock comic as a store exclusive bonus, while Best Buy has digipack packaging and some art cards. They're tempting, but I'll likely go with the WalMart exclusive bonus disc version.. even though it's exclusively in stores. Very annoying, since I can't really do my media buying in stores anymore. :(

I actually noticed I was banned from PSN while I was on it. I was still online when I wanted to test my PS4's internet speed.. but it said PSN signin failed. So of course the first thing I did was reboot, hoping the error message was just that -- an error. But no. And my main account had been blocked from even using PSN customer support chat, so I had to use my other US account to get in and talk to them. They revealed to me that they had "detected activity that infringes the PlayStation™Network Terms of Service and User Agreement" (I saved the chat log). So I'm thinking they detected the DDoS that my friend accidentally did to me for a short time. He apologized for doing it right afterward, but now with this whole IP banning.. I may not treat him too much like a friend anymore. I dunno. He meant to DDoS someone who entered our party chat and left quickly, not me. His IP was actually banned from PSN days before the incident, so he was using a VPN to get on PSN. :s Here's hoping this 24 hours of no internet works.. or I'll have to try the next option -- buy a brand new router. :|

Oh man, I'm in the home stretch now. Only about 6 more hours until I can get back on the internet. It's only been 18 hours.. but I feels soooooooo much longer.. Let me talk more about the health group in control of my life. It will help me get my mind off of the lack of internet. They have really given me lots of pills to take. Argh. I have to take NINE pills in the morning, followed by three more throughout the day. But I must take them.. or they'll probably put me in assisted living. And just when I get used to a case worker, they seem to leave and I get a new one. I had one some months that was really nice. I felt we could have something more.. then she left. She even gave me her real phone number and not her work phone number.. but we didn't stay in touch. After that, I got another one who felt more like a sister to me. But then she left too. Now I have TWO case workers. Aiyaiyai.

Soooo I'm passing the time by watching a lot of TV and movies. I also played some.. *inhale* Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle. Phew. Long name. It's so difficult for me to pass the levels though. I'm still only on chapter two, if you can believe that. I also finished this season of Family Guy and the final season of Girl Meets World (damnit disney channel for canceling it). I used my old 500GB PS3 hard drive as PS4 extended storage for a little while there, until I bought a 4TB external hard drive. Now I have more space than I'll ever need for games.. for right now anyway. Now the 500GB is being used for said TV and movies. I've downloaded a lot of TV and movies recently to fill that 500GB too. Yet I still need to watch the rest of X-Files on Blu-ray (I'm in the middle of season three.. of ten), almost all of Naruto on DVD, as well as the final Blu-ray season of Dragon Ball Z (before I can begin Dragon Ball Super.. thirty dollars for 13 episodes on Blu-ray soon? damnit FUNi).

And yet I'd rather spend all my time on Nebula Realms, the next PlayStation Home. With each update, it's getting better and better. And "very soon" it will be back in the PlayStation Store. I've already spent maybe $200 on virtual clothing on Nebula. My avatars definitely dress a lot better than me. And unlike PlayStation Home, they've already promised to port it to whatever next PlayStation console is coming.. as well as PC eventually, so no need to worry about losing all those virtual items that I have and will purchase. I've made a sizable amount of online friends through Nebula as well.. I miss them.. Damnit PSN for IP banning. :(

I'm in the home stretch now. Only 90 minutes left. I'm almost there. And I'm happy because I made it and will soon be back on PSN.. I hope.. I better. I'm really missing PSN. I've been on PSN since 2008, and probably spent thousands on them. So they better let me back on.. Anyway, what to uselessly ramble on about now to waste time..? I've seemingly covered everything I wish to cover already. My life is rather boring.. as you now know. I sorta need a new TV.. since only the HDMI works. I really need a new computer.. because the blue screens have been coming more often. Ugh. But I now can't afford any of that. Because of all the times I overdrafted and the health group in control of my life came to my rescue and paid off the fees.. with my money. I really hope I don't have to buy a new router. The cheapest one I saw on Amazon that wasn't the one I already had was $30.. and was about to go out of stock. I only have about $90 to my name now and I was told to keep most of that for groceries next Thursday. :/ *cough*Paypal me!*cough* ...Eh, it was worth a shot. :p

I plugged the modem back in shortly after 5PM, 24 hours since I had turned it off, and.. it did not work. Twenty four hours wasted. -_-

See ya.. maybe..
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soony desexifying ps4 themes [nsfw]

Hi again. This time I'm mostly here to complain about how Sony has been de-sexifying themes and avatars. I recently became addicted to PS4 themes, especially ones from Truant Pixel. :p

But that's not really the point. Every once in a while, I also buy sexy PS4 themes.. since I'm a straight male. lol. There's a real lack of them though, and after some searching on the PlayStation Store, I discovered that not only do sexy PS4 themes (from Smobile particularly) are released altered, but they expect the consumer to pay more for them. Wow. Check out my findings below...

As you can see, more skin is covered in the PS4 themes than in the PS3 or PSP themes.. and Sony (or the theme pubisher) expects you to pay more for their censoring handiwork. Argh. Let's just hope Sony either raises this censorship or lets us make and use our own PS4 themes in the future. I also found some PSP themes that were too risque even for a PS4 release. Check these out below. See ya...

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I had another crazy dream this morning. It would make a great romantic comedy movie.:p Two couples are about to get married. Guy 1 to Girl 1, Guy 2 to Girl 2. But then Guy 1 meets Girl 2 and Girl 1 meets Guy 2.. and sparks fly.. but they don't know they're each getting married. Haha. I was a side character in my own dream though, while Keira Knightley and Kristen Bell played the girls.. and I think Chris Pratt played one of the guys. Anyway, I woke up before I got to see how it ended.. and because I was a side character doing my own (embarrassingly funny) thing that.. I don't wanna mention. lol. :p

See yas.
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eliza dushku is one hot pus-- shut your mouth. :p

I had the most wild dream ever this morning. It started by letting a couple stray cats into my apartment a few times. After getting to know one of them a bit.. I learned she was an anamorphic cat? She could change into a human. And she looked exactly like Eliza Dushku. I later learned she was.. Eliza Dushku. We soon fell in love and she soon left the other stray cat.. who was also anamorphic? After a few hiccups in our sorta odd love-making, I learn the other anamorphic cat had some kind of spell over her to never leave him. So we end up going to some wedding of some kind to face him. There, we find out he's pregnant or something. WTF? :p Anyway, after dealing with one of the other anamorphic cat dudes there, I deflate his fake pregnancy bubble thing.. then defeated him in a rather odd way. With his defeat, Eliza is now free from the spell.. and free to be with me again. The end. ;)

After a bit of a cliffhanger ending.. after that happy one.. I woke up. :/ ...My subconscious keeps giving me the craziest story ideas through my dreams. I think it wants me to get back into writing. But.. I don't know. I stopped writing mainly because I ran out of ideas. I did an X-Files-like series called "The Truth-Seekers" for the longest time, making sure I stayed to the real truth of the alien mystery for the most part. And before that, I did a series called "Power Troopers".. stealing heavily from Power Rangers. lol. In total, there was over 300 short stories... and it all began from a rather simple dream that I wrote down in a notebook. That I then wrote a sequel to.. and another.. and another. Etc etc. :p

Aaaannnyway.. see yas.
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sob story -- paypal me?

The bastards at Adult & Child mental health group tricked me into signing over my payeeship all those years ago. Just because I was planning on buying $100 in Power Rangers DVDs.. in PAYMENTS. My damn aunt read this very blog, then told them. Then a couple of them came over one day and said they were taking over as my social security payee, then asked me to sign something concerning my medicare or whatever. What if I signed away my payeeship right then and there? Now they pay my rent and cable internet for me, then give me a small $60 a week for groceries. And I can barely survive week to week on that. I sometimes end up going hungry for perhaps the last day of the week. I tell Adult & Child this and they can't really do much for me until their damn weekly checks for me come in...

So of course my media viewing has suffered. I now have to pirate movies and TV shows more than ever. I got an e-mail from my cable company a few weeks ago. 20th Century Fox caught me torrenting their movie The Martian. What if I'm caught and reported again.. and again.. I may lose my internet..? Adult & Child kept losing the checks to pay for my cable internet a few weeks ago, so I lost my internet for one incredibly long and dull weekend. I nearly lost my mind not being able to download my media as well as not being able to contact the closest I have to friends. My only friends are online, so if I lose internet...

Sooo... Paypal has now made it easier than ever to.. give me money. *pouts* I just noticed the option to create a short link and so have created one: I doubt anyone really cares though.. that the laptop I use to download and upload and share episodes and news.. is really a piece of crap now. Sorry, person who donated it to me. I leave it on 24/7 and always am checking for the latest news with it.. but reboot it every couple days or so because it begins running so poorly. Sometimes I can't even get to restart it correctly, so I must use the power button. I'd hate to mess up the only way I currently get my media..

My media helps keep me sane. But I can rarely even buy it anymore. I had to spend money that was meant to pay my phone for the month just to get the region-free Power Rangers Samurai Blu-ray from Germany. Now the Power Rangers Megaforce Blu-ray is on sale on and I can't even afford it. It's only about $20 right now. :( I tell Adult & Child that the various drugs they have me on are helping, but I don't think they really are. I think I'm on the max dosage of the antidepressant already. :s

Aaanyway, time to shut down this pity party. See ya soon, I hope..

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nothing important happened... no really.

So.. my birthday was at the start of this month. I'm now 33. I feel so old. :| Life continues onward I guess. Not much has been happening really... Oh, I bought the Power Rangers Samurai Blu-ray from Germany.. but it takes about 3 weeks to get here. Argh. I bought it because the German Power Rangers Blu-rays were recently revealed to be region-free. They have the original English audio tracks, so no worries there. The Samurai, Megaforce and Super Megaforce sets even include the specials. Yay.

I go out once a week to buy groceries, even though I sometimes run out early.. and go hungry for a day or so. :s And that's because the damn mental health group still controls my money. They give me a minuscule $60 a week to go crazy with now, plus $16 in "food stamps" per month. Wow. I had to put some stuff back last week when I went to the grocery store. But oh well...

I finally installed Plex on my laptop now that it's free, so I can now stream those huge movie files instead of worrying about transferring them over via USB drive to my PS4. My tiny 250GB hard drive is still always full though. Damnit. :(

Okay, I mainly did this entry so I could throw out another round of links below. My twitter followers don't seem to like them, so I don't usually bother them with them. See ya... :p

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same shit, different.. days..

Welp, a few of you have been wondering what's been up with me.. so here's a little update:

The mental health group in charge of my life continues to be somewhat invasive.. but oh well. They have three or four people controlling everything I do now. I was excited to sell some of my DVDs (mostly the old Dragon Ball Z DVD volumes I had no use for anymore) as soon as one of them said I would be in charge of the money I got from them. But then they got a bit angry when I spent all the money in record time today.. rather than save it for items they think I need. She stated that I could only buy a new PS4 chatpad as a "reward" for how well I had been doing. *rolls eyes* They also did a test today.. and they're going to force me to start testing my blood just because I'm getting close to getting diabetes. -_-

My search for a good, well-made PS4 chatpad continues. I bought one for $12 (including shipping).. and of course it broke within months. Then an online friend of mine was awesome enough to buy me one as an early Christmas present. On ebay. It was new and sealed.. but it only lasted days. And it broke in the exact same spot the cheaper one did: the micro USB port. It did seem better manufactured though (otherwise), which was why I ordered the exact same one from Amazon today. I also e-mailed the company (Collective Minds) and they offered to replace the broken one.. with a proof of purchase.. that I don't have. The PS4 Chatboost not only features a blue (yes, bloo!) backlit keyboard, but also claims to make the PS4 controller battery last longer. Wow. In the end, I just wish Sony would make one already. Microsoft has already made one for their Xbox One. Ugh. :|

Now back to the all-controlling group. They went into the negative on my payee bank account, then they expect me to pay for something they screwed up. No thanks. Yet the guy who did the actual screwing up claims he got promoted and no longer works with me. Haha. I miss him. He was fun.

The Four Kings Casino And Slots is now up and running on the PlayStation 4 (for FREE), as a pretty fun PlayStation Home replacement.. at least until Nebula Realms comes out. I'm sure the group doesn't like that this new game is emptying my wallet though. But I'm able to actually make friends.. and meet up with old ones as well. Since I'm not comfortable with real life human interaction so much, it's pretty much the only way. :/

See ya everyone. If I don't see ya before then, happy holidays. My new years' resolution? To blog more often. Let's see if I can actually do that. :p
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