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matt mullins krdk interview / hsm3 dvd & blu / today [Dec. 19th, 2008|11:59 pm]
[Current Mood |okayokay]

HenshinJustice now has another video interview online, this time with Matt Mullins who plays Len on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Cool. :)

On February 17th, Disney Home Video will release the oh-so-long-awaited High School Musical 3: Senior Year onto 1-disc DVD, 2-disc DVD & 3-disc Blu-ray. The 1-disc DVD will feature the theatrical cut and one featurette. The 2-disc DVD will include an extended cut of the movie and more special features. And then the 3-disc Blu-ray will have all those plus even more special features, as well as DVD & digital copies of the movie. Yup, just like the Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray, you get the film on Blu & DVD in one package. That makes two useless discs for me. But then again, I'm kinda sad I can only view The Dark Knight Blu-ray on one TV in the house. :(

After I posted the previous entry, I waited until my dad went to bed and then got the PS3 online. I was playing Namco Museum Beta.. when the power went out. There was some freezing rain last night. Maybe enough to take down a power line? I don't know. All I know is I heard a light thunder-like sound outside, saw a short blue-white flash at the window, then all the power was gone. I woke up my dad and we sat near-silently in a room of candle light. He called the light company, then had to stay up to reset his alarm. As I finally fell asleep, the power came back on..

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. Oh look, the UK-exclusive Home store items are now in the basic US Home stores.. for $1.99 each. For a virtual shirt. Wow. And about five of the items were free in the UK Mall (3 male shirts, 1 female shirt & a chair). But I guess not here. :/ I mean, I'd like to buy some more items in the Mall in the future, but the items I purchased weren't over $1 each..

My dad returned home from dialysis. We had some breakfast and watched Ellen (more gay bashing out of my dad, not even trying to cover it anymore.. dumbass). I got back online for a while, then took over the TV and watched Spider-Man Unlimited (again VHSed, not watched :p) and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (wish they had uploaded this dvdrip to somewhere other than Veoh.. they alter the file a little, causing tiny barely-noticeable defects :( ..but I did enjoy the episode more than the first time, so I'm looking forward to the series even more as well :) ).

After that.. and wasting some time online, I got on Home for a few hours. I mostly danced.. and eavesdropped on others. It's about all a shy person like me can do. Though I did report someone for sexual harassment of a girl (avatar) nearby. And I got some attention when I wore my Santa suit.. and turned my avatar into a girl. :p I checked out the 8-minute Resident Evil: Degeneration preview in the theater (damnit, they've moved its disc release from last month to this month and now I may not be able to pick it up.. damnit.. and on the Saturday after Christmas? crazy), but spent most of my time in the US Central Plaza.

At 6PM, we had some supper.. then I got online news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Ghost Whisperer (eh it was okay I guess). My dad was still feeling bad from dialysis, so he went to bed early. I got online for a bit, then watched another Legend of the Seeker (episode 4.. pretty good :) ..should get to catching up now that the primetime shows are going into reruns). I was about to get on Home again.. when my dad woke up again. :/ So I only watched The Soup, then returned to my room for the night...

Well.. see ya.

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