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soony desexifying ps4 themes [nsfw] [May. 29th, 2016|06:44 am]
Hi again. This time I'm mostly here to complain about how Sony has been de-sexifying themes and avatars. I recently became addicted to PS4 themes, especially ones from Truant Pixel. :p

But that's not really the point. Every once in a while, I also buy sexy PS4 themes.. since I'm a straight male. lol. There's a real lack of them though, and after some searching on the PlayStation Store, I discovered that not only do sexy PS4 themes (from Smobile particularly) are released altered, but they expect the consumer to pay more for them. Wow. Check out my findings below...

As you can see, more skin is covered in the PS4 themes than in the PS3 or PSP themes.. and Sony (or the theme pubisher) expects you to pay more for their censoring handiwork. Argh. Let's just hope Sony either raises this censorship or lets us make and use our own PS4 themes in the future. I also found some PSP themes that were too risque even for a PS4 release. Check these out below. See ya...