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same shit, different.. days.. [Dec. 16th, 2015|10:59 pm]
[Current Mood |blahblah]

Welp, a few of you have been wondering what's been up with me.. so here's a little update:

The mental health group in charge of my life continues to be somewhat invasive.. but oh well. They have three or four people controlling everything I do now. I was excited to sell some of my DVDs (mostly the old Dragon Ball Z DVD volumes I had no use for anymore) as soon as one of them said I would be in charge of the money I got from them. But then they got a bit angry when I spent all the money in record time today.. rather than save it for items they think I need. She stated that I could only buy a new PS4 chatpad as a "reward" for how well I had been doing. *rolls eyes* They also did a test today.. and they're going to force me to start testing my blood just because I'm getting close to getting diabetes. -_-

My search for a good, well-made PS4 chatpad continues. I bought one for $12 (including shipping).. and of course it broke within months. Then an online friend of mine was awesome enough to buy me one as an early Christmas present. On ebay. It was new and sealed.. but it only lasted days. And it broke in the exact same spot the cheaper one did: the micro USB port. It did seem better manufactured though (otherwise), which was why I ordered the exact same one from Amazon today. I also e-mailed the company (Collective Minds) and they offered to replace the broken one.. with a proof of purchase.. that I don't have. The PS4 Chatboost not only features a blue (yes, bloo!) backlit keyboard, but also claims to make the PS4 controller battery last longer. Wow. In the end, I just wish Sony would make one already. Microsoft has already made one for their Xbox One. Ugh. :|

Now back to the all-controlling group. They went into the negative on my payee bank account, then they expect me to pay for something they screwed up. No thanks. Yet the guy who did the actual screwing up claims he got promoted and no longer works with me. Haha. I miss him. He was fun.

The Four Kings Casino And Slots is now up and running on the PlayStation 4 (for FREE), as a pretty fun PlayStation Home replacement.. at least until Nebula Realms comes out. I'm sure the group doesn't like that this new game is emptying my wallet though. But I'm able to actually make friends.. and meet up with old ones as well. Since I'm not comfortable with real life human interaction so much, it's pretty much the only way. :/

See ya everyone. If I don't see ya before then, happy holidays. My new years' resolution? To blog more often. Let's see if I can actually do that. :p