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the 2015 fall upfronts compendium - days 1-4 [May. 14th, 2015|02:15 pm]
Oh, hey. I posted my thoughts on the fall 2015 upfronts elsewhere.. on my new Ello. Ello is like Facebook, but without the ads or selling of user data.. yet no one appears to want to use it but me. I have 0 friends there. So.. I'm just gonna post all the crap I did post there this week.. here. Enjoy. :p


FOX Fall Upfront press release | FOX new series trailers

Gotham is back and is being teamed up on Monday with Minority Report, the TV series sequel to the Tom Cruise film. Let's hope the latter can make it. FOX doesn't exactly have a good track record with sci-fi shows. Looking forward to Scream Queens on Tuesday, a comedy-horror series from the executive producers of Glee and American Horror Story. Click here for a teaser. Also, Lucifer comes up from hell.. and wants to solve crimes..? Oookay. It's based on a DC comic, so I'll give it a shot. :p

But the most exciting of the fall series for me would have to be the return of The X-Files for a six-episode revival, beginning with a two-night event starting Sunday, January 24th at 10PM ET. :D

NBC Fall upfront press release | NBC new series trailers

Not much excitement here for me. Only one hour of comedies? Aw. I love Undateable, so I'm glad it'll return in the fall. But for an all-live third season? That'll be interesting to see. Heroes Reborn lands on Thursday at 8PM ET. Looking forward to that one. Also looking forward to checking out Blindspot. Check out that trailer! :o The sitcom Coach is sequelified in mid-season. Dunno how I feel about that one. :p

ABC Fall Upfront press release | ABC new series trailers

Out of all the shows, I'm of course most excited for more Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. & Agent Carter. Woohoo! But among the new shows.. The Muppets looks most promising. Unfortunately, most of the YouTube video trailers were set to private by ABC I guess shortly after they were released to the press.. for some unknown reason. Luckily, click here to check out the trailer for The Muppets. lol. Looking pretty funny. :p

CBS Fall Upfront press release | CBS new series trailers

Surprising absolutely no one, Supergirl will open in November to some heavy competition: Gotham. Yes, CBS has opted to do... just that. And after viewing the Supergirl trailer... I'm going to have to see more before making a decision on whether it sucks or not. And I'm currently leaning a bit toward the former, unfortunately. Ugh. :(

Among CBS's other new series are two movie adaptations: Limitless coming this fall and Rush Hour coming mid-season. Hoo boy. lol. At least the star of the Limitless film, Bradley Cooper, will be making recurring appearances in its series. The Rush Hour duo has of course been recast. :(

The CW Fall Upfront press release | The CW new series trailers

iZombie is back in the fall, yay. Congrats Power Rangers RPM's Rose McIver... I should watch it already. :p Also back for a third season is Power Rangers RPM's Adelaide Kane's Reign. Cool. Should check that out too. :p The most anticipated of The CW's new series though would have to be DC's Legends of Tomorrow, which unfortunately isn't even starting until mid-season. Bew. But at least there's a trailer. And it's very good. :)