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an.. update.. yeah.. [Feb. 10th, 2015|11:56 pm]
Ohai. I guess I haven't updated this thing in a little while because I'm having way too much fun on my new PS4. lol. I have four disc games now, and many more free from PlayStation Plus. The tweaks to Grand Theft Auto V? Vedy nice. Also, watching others play via their streams on PS4 is pretty cool. Can't believe some of them even get others to donate money to them.. just for them playing games. :/ I have streamed a few times (archived for your viewing pleasure), but I refuse to use the included mic so it's a bit quiet. :p

My birthday came and went on February 1st. I'm now an even older fart at 32. Argh. :p The Power Rangers Dino Charge premiere also came and went. It was awesome. Way awesomer than the past seasons and it's only been one episode so far. I've watched it maybe five times already. :D

Hive has been annoying lately, due to dropping their amount of friends you can have from 300 to 110. I now have to remove what looks like non-PR-fans just to add more PR fans. Dekabroken has stopped encoding Power Rangers, so I've resorted to sharing the Power Rangers Dino Charge scene group releases on my Hive instead. I hope W4F keeps releasing the season. They are almost as good as dekabroken. Almost. :p

This is the second straight day of my internet screwing up. Thanks a lot, Bright House. It keeps disconnecting every 30 minutes or so. So annoying. Due to my shyness, I can't call them. And last time I had this problem, I e-mailed them and got an appointment scheduled. The guy never came to fix the problem, but he sure said he did. Ugh. :( A couple certain piracy websites I regular are refusing to load most of the time too. I don't know what is going on. :|

Aaaaaanyway.. see yas. :p